Antiques Warehouse

A late Victorian building in Brighton, East Sussex, currently used as offices, showrooms and warehousing across 4 x floors including basement.
Antiques Warehouse


During November 2009 the premises suffered an Arson Attack. As a result, the Fire Authority became involved and it became abundantly clear the building was deficient in various areas of fire precautions including the lack of designated escape routes from upper floors and lack of a fire warning system.

As an existing client of several years, with Pyrotec looking after systems in other locations, we were instructed to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment at this premise.


The Fire Risk Assessment highlighted several issues including the need to install a fire alarm system incorporating automatic fire detection. Other works included the need for an additional escape stair to be installed from the second floor through to the ground as well as passive works and upgrading doors opening onto the staircase to a minimum 30 minute fire rating.

With the need to carry out major works on the building, we were requested to design a fire alarm system which provided early fire warning and detection cover throughout the premises. Covering key areas and escape routes with early fire detecting devices overcame the need to provide a more costly secondary escape stairs from the second floor to ground.

Due to construction detail of main warehouse roof, with cobweb of structural steel ties criss-crossing from plate level into the apex of the roof, it was impossible to provide smoke detection cover via normal methods of either point detection or linear beam smoke detection.

Pyrotec Solution

Through design we engineered a system via a standard fire detection system and an Aspirating System to cover the warehouse area. The aspirating system drawing air through various sampling nozzles installed within specialist pipe work back to a smoke sampling chamber and laser which detects small particles of smoke and raises an alarm during the early stages of a starting fire.

Part of the design included interfacing the aspirating system to the automatic fire alarm system both of which were installed by Pyrotec.


With Pyrotec’s expertise and professionalism in providing solutions to cover complex issues, we were able to satisfy the needs of our client whilst gaining the full approval and satisfaction from the local fire authority.

In addition we were able to save our client additional costs and minimize on-site disruption.