Hogan Lovells

International Solicitors London office relocation of fire extinguishers.
Hogan Lovells


Pyrotec was contacted by the Health & Safety Manager to help him with the closure and move of an office in London to a newly refurbished office nearby, whilst still maintaining adequate fire extinguisher coverage throughout the period.  Client requirements were as follows:

  • The fire extinguisher requirements for the new building were to British Standard and adequate for the risks involved.
  • The fire extinguishers were mounted on stands to avoid wall fixings where feasible or aesthetically beneficial.
  • Wherever possible the existing extinguishers could be reused rather than buying new, however a number had to be retained within the existing building to provide a basic level of cover whilst the move was completed and for a period thereafter.
  • The move from one building to another was to be phased over 2 weekends.
  • Project came within his budget

Pyrotec Solution

Pyrotec visited the new offices and, with the client, surveyed the building. Fire point positions were agreed using water with additive extinguishers to cover Class A fires and 2kg CO2 extinguishers to cover any electrical fires or risks. These would be mounted on polished chrome extinguisher stands with extinguisher identification signs. The basement and roof would have suitable extinguishers wall mounted where appropriate.

By referencing the extinguisher location list from the existing building, Pyrotec was able to provide a suitable list of the equipment that was re-useable to move to the new building. The older models were retained to provide temporary fire protection of the existing building whilst the move took placed and until the building was handed back to the land lord.

The client only had to purchase any shortfall extinguishers, stands and signs.


Pyrotec Service Technicians moved over the reusable existing extinguishers and installed the new equipment in 2 phases to match the client’s requirements. This was completed first thing Monday morning following the move weekend to ensure the fire safety requirements were met and that the client did not incur for weekend working rates.

The client was pleased with the whole project and has asked for the building to be added to a regular service contract.