The introduction of PDA's

The introduction of PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants) for our Fire Alarm Service Technicians has been an on-going project for over 12 months, together with the overhaul of our Administration Team to manage the change in the technology and processes.


We wanted to introduce modern technology to improve the quality and professionalism of our service visits and the resultant reports, trying to reduce the significant paper involved in the process and speeding up the administration process. The brief included providing the ability for clients to receive report sheets and quotations for works required within 24 hours of our visit.

Pyrotec Solution

After researching many options, we decided to invest significant monies to purchase rugged PDA’s, that allow job/service calls to be sent to the technicians by email, using GPRS and 3G technology, and for the technicians to complete their work dockets electronically, returning the results back to the administration team by email. We are also developing forms for use on the PDA’s to reduce and eliminate any paper reports currently being sent back to the main office.


The amount of paper being used has reduced significantly, as all jobs (over 500 per month) were previously actioned using paper dockets. Instead of the Administration team having to wait for dockets to be returned, these can now been seen in the office minutes after a job has been completed by a technician, allowing instant emailing or posting of the paperwork to the client. The dockets are no longer handwritten and are much more legible. Quotations for work required can be done at the same time, providing a quick, efficient and professional service to our clients. Our clients are already seeing and commenting on this new way of working and the more professional working procedures.