Water Mist

Pyrotec's newest product, the Water Mist fire extinguisher is a revolutionary new resource in the battle against fire. The specially designed nozzle and demineralised water give this E-Series extinguisher the power to quickly tackle almost all types of fire, including electrical and fat fires.
Water Mist Fire Extinguishers - Supply, Servicing and Maintenance

Traditionally plain water extinguishers work by saturating a fire, removing the heat. That's great for paper, wood and textile fires but water can't be used on other fire types, such as live electrical, fat or oil. In fact, if water, is used on these types of fires it's potentially dangerous or fatal to the operator. That's why the industry has other types of extinguishers such as foam, CO2 and dry powder to tackle different fire risks and situations.

Fire Hydrants

A fire hydrant is generally located in the roadway and allows access to the water main below ground for fire-fighting by the Fire Brigade.
Fire Hydrants Service and Maintenance

Hydrants are situated in footpaths or roadways and are protected by a rectangular metal cover marked FH. Close-by there will be a yellow marker plate fixed to a post or wall, to help locate the position of the hydrant. Hydrants are normally inspected and tested annually.

Surface Inspection - This includes a visual inspection of the hydrant frame, cover, surface area around the hydrant and the marker plate.

Sprinklers Service & Repair

All areas of the building to be protected are covered by a grid of pipes with sprinkler heads fitted into them at regular intervals. Water from a tank via pumps or from the town main (if it can provide sufficient flow) fill the pipes.
Fire System Sprinklers Service and Repair

Each sprinkler head operates only when it reaches its predetermined operating temperature and will then spray water on to a fire. The hot gases from a fire are usually enough to make the thermal element in the head operate. Only the sprinklers in the immediate area of the fire open. The others remain closed. This ensures that no water is applied to areas where there is no fire and reduces the amount of water needed.

Wet & Dry Risers

A dry or wet fire riser is installed within some buildings to aid the Fire Brigade when fighting a fire. The Brigade connects up their hose to the inlet valve on the outside of the building and also to the landing valve at the floor where the incident or fire is being tackled – this ensures a speedy delivery of the water.
Wet and Dry Risers

Dry and Wet Risers should be checked and serviced twice a year, the first (main) is a wet pressure test to 150 PSI or 10 Bar for a minimum of 15 minutes. All inlets and outlets are checked for leaks and any missing or faulty items would need to be replaced to enable a certification to be provided. Flow testing is also carried out at this time.

The second test (minor) is a visual checking and greasing of all moving parts with missing items being replaced.

Specialist Emergency Evacuation Chairs

There is a common misunderstanding that it is the responsibility of the emergency services to ensure everyone evacuates from a building safely if an incident occurs. Since the introduction of the Fire Safety Order it is now the legal requirement for employers, building managers and service providers to ensure all persons including the mobility impaired can be safely evacuated from the premises in the event of an emergency. It is not acceptable just to place them at a refuge point.
Evacuation chairs

Pyrotec Evacuation Chairs provide a cost effective method of ensuring the safe evacuation of non-ambulant persons from the upper or lower levels of buildings in the event of an emergency or when lifts cannot be used in the event of a fire or a power failure.


Can be used on most types of staircases

·         Public buildings

·         Offices

·         Retail premises

Fire Door Furniture

Door closers, panic bolts and push pads - whatever the application, we can supply a suitable solution.
Fire Door Furniture

Door Closers

An essential part of any fire door, our door closers come in a variety of styles and fixings, all with a 10 year guarantee and fire rated for 1 hour to BSEN1634:1.

Panic Bolts

Providing added security without compromising safety, our range of panic bolts feature two point locking and are suitable for use on single and double door applications. Manufactured to BSEN1125 and CEN Classification: 37611322A.

Passive Products

Passive fire products can be an essential part of any fire safety programme, offering protection in the event of an emergency.
FIre Protection Passive Products

Flame Retardant

Ideal for use in theatres, schools and industry and commerce, this easy-to-apply water-based fire proofing spray meets BS5852 :1990 & BS5867 pt 2 : 1980 and treats any water absorbent material including natural and synthetic materials and fabrics.

Colourless and odourless, this non-toxic liquid is practically unnoticeable when dry.

Fire Warden Kits & Clothing

Pyrotec can supply a comprehensive range of kits and clothing for your in-house fire warden, ensuring they are both protected and equipped in the event of an emergency.
Fire Warden Kits and Clothing

The range includes:

  • Fire Warden Kits of various sizes
  • Clothing such as Hi Viz Jackets and protective gloves
  • Telescopic Signs

Please speak to one of our advisors about which products are best suited to your needs.

First Aid Kits

A good quality First Aid kit is an important component of any fire safety management programme.
First Aid Kits

Which is why we offer a range of kits designed to suit all needs and applications, from kits for small offices of up to 50 persons right through to general burns kits that can provide essential medical support in the event of a burn.

Log Books & Holders

The Fire Safety Order states that all fire safety documentation should be readily available. Fire log books are an essential part of recording all testing, maintenance and fire training and form a valuable piece of your fire safety management solution.
Fire Log Books and Holders

Our professionally designed Fire Log books are the perfect way to manage and log all relevant fire safety information. They are easy to use, cover all aspects of fire safety and are fully compliant with current legislation.


Keep your important fire safety documentation in a properly designed holder close by the fire alarm panel.

They are available in a number of designs and provide an accessible place to store your Fire Log Book and ensure you are fully compliant.

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