Aspirating Fire Detection Systems

Aspirating or "Air Sampling" fire detection systems can be integrated with any Pyrotec fire detection system to provide highly sensitive detection with minimal risk of unwanted alarms.
Aspirating Fire Detection Systems

These systems use special pipes with air inlet holes drilled at specific intervals, depending on the environment in which they are being installed and the length and design of the pipe run.

A low volume of air is drawn into the pipe through the inlet holes and passes through the detection unit located at the end of the pipe where it is analysed and an alarm raised if smoke is detected.

There are several models of detection unit available, with different types detection used in each depending on the required application, some of which are listed below:

  • Sealed floor or ceiling voids
  • Warehouse racking
  • Archive and records rooms
  • Computer suites
  • Open plan offices
  • High Voltage and secure areas

Some advantages of the Aspirating systems are:

  • Automatic adjustment to air quality trends
  • Testing from outside the protected area (requires design on pipe installation)
  • Very low unwanted alarm rates
  • Highly sensitive detection levels
  • Ease of testing and maintenance in large areas of where traditional detectors cannot be accessed