Deafgard Alert Systems

In the event of fire, the deaf or hearing impaired are unable to hear a conventional fire alarm, which is where Deafgard comes in.
Deafgard Alert Systems

Deafgard provides a wireless solution for communicating the sound of a fire alarm to the deaf and hearing impaired whilst they are asleep, comprising a battery operated sensor unit and a pad that goes under the pillow.

When the fire alarm sounds, the pillow pad vibrates, LED lights flash and the LCD screen displays ‘fire’, effectively alerting the individual to the emergency. It even features a built-in alarm clock facility.

This totally wire-free, moveable device, requires no installation and features a fail-safe dual battery supply. It is ideal for hotels and sheltered housing.

Deafgard is suitable for use in buildings with an automatic fire detection system and complies with the DDA act.

Helpful Hint
Deafgard will only work with an audible alarm system - please speak to one of our advisors who will be able to help you choose the right solution for your needs.