Fire Alarm System Types

Non-Addressable (Conventional)

Non–Addressable fire alarm systems use simpler technology and are suited to smaller applications where they are more cost effective than an addressable system.

Non-addressable fire alarmA non-addressable system may use fire detection zones, which are usually represented by LEDs on the control panel. Each zone identifies a specific area of the building in order to speed up the location of a fire.

Each zone is made up of a group of Automatic Fire Detectors and Manual Call Points. In the event of a fire being detected either automatically or manually, the system control panel will then operate the alarm.

In this type of system the physical wiring dictates the zoning and the detector decides if it’s a fire condition or not.

We offer a range of non-addressable alarm systems to suit all requirements and budgets - please contact us today to discuss your needs further.

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Addressable fire alarm systems, and their corresponding control panels, are more advanced than their conventional counterparts and offer a higher degree of programming flexibility and single point detection.

Addressable fire alarmThe system can be configured to provide a wide range of flexibility, with components controlling a variety of devices. This works by each device in the system having its own ‘address’, allowing the control panel to monitor and control the state of each individual device connected to it.

Common addressable input (initiating) devices include:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat Detectors (Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature)
  • Manual call points or manual pull stations
  • Notification appliances (Simplex systems with TrueAlert signals only)
  • Responders
  • Fire sprinkler system inputs
  • Switches

Addressable output devices (relays) can include

  • Fire alarm sounders and beacons
  • (Warning System/Bell) Relays
  • Door Holder Relays
  • Auxiliary (Control Function) Relays

Relays can be used to control a wide range of functions such as:

  • Switching fans on or off
  • Closing/opening doors
  • Activating fire suppression systems
  • Activating notification appliances
  • Shutting down industrial equipment
  • Recalling elevators to a safe exit floor
  • Activating another fire alarm panel or communicator

Addressable systems are ideally suited to larger or more complex installations and Pyrotec offer a complete range of system to suit all requirements.

Please contact one of our specialist team to discuss your needs.

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Radio/wireless fire alarm systems provide a fire detection solution using secure wireless connections between the field devices and the control panels.

Radio/wireless fire alarmBased on proven technology, these systems comprise wireless sensors, sounders, beacons and call points and offer unique advantages when compared to the installation of wired systems:

  • Simple installation requiring only limited cabling, with a greatly reduced installation time, they are ideal for time-limited applications such as educational establishments, healthcare premises and retail environments.
  • Because wireless devices only have to be fixed to the building, there is no need to run fire resistant cable, trunking, conduit or concealed cables, saving in both materials and labour.
  • The lack of cables also means that there is minimal damage to the fabric of the building, which can be especially important in heritage sites or prestigious areas.

We offer an extensive range of alarm from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Hochiki, Apollo, Coopers Fulleon and Honeywell Morley to name but a few.

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