Fire Risk Assessment

We’re able to carry out fire risk assessments on your behalf – and act as your ‘competent person’ if required - but we go further than just the legal requirements.

We can provide an easily understood but detailed report supported by photographs so you can understand our recommendations clearly. And if requested we will even present our report to you in person.

Among other things, we’ll investigate the fabric of your buildings, the detection methods you use, the means of escape and how well they are protected, electrical safety and any maintenance plans that are in place. And we’ll review these every year – sooner if your buildings are altered and certainly in the event of a fire.

And we always remember that you’re running a business, and give firm timescales and detailed costs for any recommended work so you always know where you stand.

Reviews and Revisits

In order to remain compliant with current legislation, the fire risk assessment must be reviewed on a regular basis.

This is usually every 12 months. However, this can be undertaken more frequently if the risks are high. Our team of experts is able to tailor a fire risk assessment schedule to suit your needs.

Emergency Plans

To assist both staff and the emergency services, Pyrotec can produce detailed site drawings of your premises indicating fire alarm components, fire fighting equipment and escape routes.

These plans are often required as part of the fire emergency evacuation plan and provide a valuable overview of your fire safety management programme.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

A considered and well implemented emergency plan can be the difference between life and death, which is why Pyrotec work with you to produce a detailed fire emergency evacuation plan tailored to your requirements.

This will usually require an initial site visit where we will assess the level of fire risk, together with some time spent with the responsible person(s) to discuss the best procedures to be adopted should a fire occur.

Fire Drills

As an integral part of your fire safety management programme, we can facilitate on-site fire drills and monitor the effectiveness of the fire emergency plan.

Drills can be scheduled as frequently as required and will be fully monitored for speed and effectiveness. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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