Meet the Admin and Support Staff

Behind all good Companies is the back room staff; the Admin team and Support staff, the back bone of the company.

Pyrotec has four such teams, whether they work individually within Prevent, Detect, Protect or the Stores & Distribution sections, our staff are an essential part of the company. Similar to the field force, they are well trained and have a great overall knowledge of the fire safety industry and products available from Pyrotec. They use this knowledge to help and guide both new and existing customers to resolve their concerns or problems.

Everyday enquiries are fielded to the appropriate department of Pyrotec, where experienced and friendly staff use their specialist knowledge to ensure a speedy solution for the customer.

The Pyrotec Admin Team – trained to deal with;

  • Routine service requests
  • Emergency service requests
  • New & existing enquiries
  • General admin duties
  • Liaising with the field force

Stores and Distribution – trained to deal with;

  • Ordering and dealing with approved suppliers for stock and specialist items
  • Picking and assembling orders ready for distribution and installation
  • Managing recycling effectively