Wet & Dry Risers

A dry or wet fire riser is installed within some buildings to aid the Fire Brigade when fighting a fire. The Brigade connects up their hose to the inlet valve on the outside of the building and also to the landing valve at the floor where the incident or fire is being tackled – this ensures a speedy delivery of the water.
Wet and Dry Risers

Dry and Wet Risers should be checked and serviced twice a year, the first (main) is a wet pressure test to 150 PSI or 10 Bar for a minimum of 15 minutes. All inlets and outlets are checked for leaks and any missing or faulty items would need to be replaced to enable a certification to be provided. Flow testing is also carried out at this time.

The second test (minor) is a visual checking and greasing of all moving parts with missing items being replaced.

Generally any minor parts such as padlocks and leather straps, signs, washers and vented caps are supplied at the point of service rather than raising a quotation and incurring a revisit charge. Major parts or repairs are quoted and completed at a later date.