F Class

F class extinguishers (also known as Wet chemical extinguishers) are specifically designed for tackling class F fires involving cooking oils and fats, where there is a high risk of the fire re-igniting.
F Class Fire Extinguishers - Supply, Servicing and Maintenance

This type of extinguisher is extremely effective as it rapidly knocks the flames out, cools the burning oil and seals the surface thus preventing re-ignition.

Pyrotec can supply 2 models - 2 litre for oil or fat fires up to 25 litres tank capacity and the 6 litre up to 75 litres. All kitchens with a deep fat fryer should have an F class/wet chemical extinguisher with the appropriate signage.

How does it work?
Rapidly knocks down the flames, seals the surface starving the oxygen from the fire, preventing re-ignition.

These high quality extinguishers are constructed from a mild steel body with phosphate and polythene lining for added safety.

  • BSI Kite marked
  • BAFE Approved
  • CE Marked
  • 5 year Guarantee