Water extinguishers are still one of the most common, readily available and most frequently used types of extinguisher as they are suitable for Class A fires such as paper, wood and textiles.
Water Fire Extinguishers - Supply, Servicing and Maintenance

In recent years an additive has been mixed with the water allowing these models (spray water) to be more efficient with improved fire ratings, resulting in smaller and lighter extinguishers, whilst the spray water additive itself is environmentally friendly.

How does it work?
Water rapidly cools and quenches the fire, so that insufficient heat remains to sustain burning.

All our water extinguishers are built to exacting standards so you can rest assured you have a quality product that won’t let you down.

  • BSI Kite marked to BSEN3
  • BAFE Approved
  • CE Marked
  • 5 year Guarantee