Construction Site Equipment & Alarms

We offer a range of fire safety products specifically designed for use on modern construction sites that deliver optimum fire safety protection in accordance with the latest regulations.
Construction Site Fire Equipment and Fire Alarms

All of the products in this range have been manufactured to Pyrotec’s high standards and our technicians are here to help you choose the right products for your requirements.

The range includes:

Mobile Trolleys
Compete extinguisher solutions on a robust trolley that is ideal for construction site use.

Evac Site Alarms - Button & Strobe or Call Point & Strobe
Easy to install battery operated alarm systems that are essential where a strobe and alarm are required as standard.

Wireless Site Fire Alarm
A temporary fire alarm system for use on construction and building sites that require a managed fire alarm system for area evacuation with a weekly testing facility.

Rotary Hand Bell
A cheap and easy way to raise the alarm in an emergency.

Please contact our support team for no obligation advice and guidance on which solution is best for your construction site.