Fire Blankets

Manufactured from glass fibre fabric with a flame retardant silicone rubber coating, fire blankets provide essential fire protection and are ideal for use in the home, caravans, boats and small kitchens.
Fire Blankets

The silicone coating greatly improves the performance by reducing the risk of flammable vapours passing through the blanket and re-igniting.

Traditionally designed to put out chip pan fires, fire blankets can also be used in laboratories and for other commercial risks. They are also suitable to wrap around a person if they catch alight.

How does it work?
Fire blankets extinguish fires by smothering and starving the oxygen from the fire.

Helpful Hint
If used on a chip pan do not lift the blanket to see if the fire is out, it will probably re-ignite, call the fire brigade! Never use water on a chip pan fire.